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tv   Treasures of the World - Hallstatt - 3000 Years of Salt Mining Austria  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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government the no confidence motion was tabled by the opposition labor party after lawmakers rejected her breaks a plane yesterday teresa mayes conservative government won the vote by a narrow margin of just nineteen. you're watching the w. news live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour wolf stay with d.w. . where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. as on the basis that you didn't listen to that because it's a journey back to the roots should government not leave. the seans traveling from somalia move around the. one i did urgent assistance.
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local family starts january twenty third on t.w. how horrible it was to. say this a. hundred german street on t w. when clouds hanging low over the lake in the early morning there is little chance
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of the sun shining in a house that that day all too often clouds gather in the high mountains and it rains a landing in the skies overcast nearly every morning but the mountains are so high that the people of house wouldn't see the sun rise anyway it doesn't shine directly on the foliage until later in the morning. only a century or so ago it was not even a road leading to a house cat in the south come a good region of austria the climate here is rough and inhospitable the winters long nevertheless this region has been inhabited for thousands of years so what is it that keeps people here the answer is to be found deep inside the mountain. for
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centuries a precious commodity so it was first mine here over three thousand years ago and it is still mine today. in fact is the oldest salt mine in the world the salt mine is a prehistory left behind this rope made of linden vast splinters of pine wood and torches have also been found in many places inside the mine. all traces of early mining activity or astonishingly well preserved. would it not for the fact that salt has preservatives property has fines like this sac for carrying rock salt would have disintegrated long ago even this finely
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staged fur can survive down the ages. the ancient mine is used pickaxes to hack out the salt but no one knows just why the excavated areas aha changed. so who were these mysterious minus who lived in prehistoric times the high valley in front of the mine also contains many traces of their existence the more than four hundred years the valley was a burial place. what archaeologists found here gave its name to an entire prehistory the hard stuff. at the start of the. some two thousand graves have been excavated here already and there could be many more i call the graves and how this is a rich grave probably that. the first graves
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were discovered around the middle of the eighteenth century by how mind form he was not an archaeologist yet he documented his findings with great accuracy. consequently even though some finds of since disappeared our knowledge of the excavations is complete. the contents of the graves testify to a highly civilized people that beautiful vessels fine jewelry and good wrath of. the early inhabitants of the region where the forefathers of the celts but why did they come from and why did they disappear some five hundred years before the birth of christ. much still remains unknown a settlement has never been found. and they certainly did not live at the
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foot of the salt mountain on the site of present day how. this village which has a population of around the thousand wasn't establishment's all the middle ages on the soul train began to flourish again. mining is still a respected profession and how even today for five hundred years every family lived in some way or other from sort. became very prosperous but it was able to grow in science that was simply no more room between the lake and the salt mountains that is why the buildings and house somehow mochas if they had been stopped up on top of one another. the cemetery too long since became far too small. for centuries now the dead have rested here for a mere ten years or so. down that mortal remains on dug up the bones bleached and
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the skulls painted generations of house dot families lie in the channel. and. traditions count for a great deal and. even today the whole village that spot on the corpus christi procession winds its way through the narrow alleyways and sold even plays a role in the religious customs along the way the priest blesses the salt mountain and saint bob or the patron saint of minds.
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the end thailand's gave reveals traces of mining activity the mountain stream in the narrow ravine was used to transport temblor from the mountains down into the valley in line with an ancient principle the stream is down dug for a few hours behind the ravine. then the dam is breached releasing a mighty torrent which plunges down into the valley sweeping the logs lying in the river bed along with. mining sold cold for huge quantities of timber and for centuries transporting timber in the mountains was a dangerous enterprise. the people in the valleys around also live from salt mining the gozo valley was home to the wood cutters many of the houses are more
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than three hundred years old and the wood cutters also rans far from what they produced was never sufficient to feed all the mines so food always had to be brought in from outside only the precious south was always available in sufficient quantity. but how did the salt deposits inside the mountain originate europe was once covered by an ocean and the outs began to form inland seas were created. gradually the water in them evaporated leaving behind salt deposits the alps continued to rise and fall compressing the sun in the mountains. the caves in the ducks gun range of mountains of fishes and faults in the rock which had been deep by water.
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the doc stein ice cave high above how she got presents a never ending spectacle water from a glacier drips through the rock and into the cold case where it freezes and falls to form avenue structures some of them up to twenty meters high on. the ice cave is by no means the only docks diamond have on the mountain contains a maze of galleries only a fraction of which have been explored. yet . soaring up more than a thousand meters above the caves is the peak that towers over which the duck the highest and the most beautiful mountain in this part of the course the king of the
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region. five hundred meters lower down the goes out a ridge drop steeply into the goes out valley the beauty of this landscape was not discovered until relatively late. in the nineteenth century topographies began to survey and pluck them out as. they were followed by landscape artists. a new art joiner and much alpine paint as a result the region became famous and began to attract the first mountain ias and summer holiday makers tourism became established and today alongside salt provides the local inhabitants with a living. up
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until a century ago the microcosm that is how she was almost entirely cut off from the rest of the wa. design it's come a good was an economic region with its own strict rules a state within the state no one came into unless they were involved in the sultry. it seems almost a miracle that a prehistoric civilization should have flourished in this remote region as many as three thousand years ago. heah man has rested from nature what he needs some timber and will and. the delicate balance between human kind nature has often been threatened but never destroyed. and that perhaps is the true miracle.
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you're populist a nationalist parties and gearing up to try make a splash in the coming european elections my guess this week is michelle modicum of a corporate lawyer who's working with the president comes form a structure just to see founded to try and coordinate those parties activities very may say is to drive a stake through the heart of the brussels found conflict so few snootful on the food. on the roadways euro maps europe's most popular countries to visit. the many faces so much better lighting time. summer and in winter coat captivate the president. another county jury of every day very strange on top of the moments on sixty minutes on d w. o.
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o. n. your link to news from africa and the world to join us on facebook at g.w. africa. it's no secret that europe's populist and knocks. party's a gearing up to try to make a splash at the coming european elections but who's helping them my guest this week here in brussels is michelle mudd reka man a corporate lawyer who's working with president trump's former strategist steve bannon to try and coordinate those parties activities there i may say is to drive a stake through the heart of the brussels vampire but what does that really mean.


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